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Based on a long standing experience in media buying for SEM, Social, Native and Programmatic Advertising, BidBerry offers media buying services and tailored solutions on a Global scale to grow horizontally across the main digital traffic providers.

BidBerry has a team of dedicated, performance-driven media buyers with several years of experience, engaged to invest consistent budgets and get the highest return depending on specific needs and objectives.

Working across multiple branches where margins are tiny taught us how to nibble profitability by running in-depth analyses and segmentation and through the use of extensive AB testing of creatives. This way we are able to cut down significantly the cost per acquisition, no matter what the objective of your campaign is.

Why BidBerry

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  • Advanced knowledge of Search, Display, Social and Native adv platforms
  • Multilingual team, worldwide distributed, with several years of experience
  • Overall ROI of 25%
  • Adaptive to different Industries and business models (Automotive, Business and Industrial, Education and Job, Travel, Apparel, Retail and Shopping, just to name a few)
  • Training is a must! The team is constantly reinforcing his knowhow and expertise by renewing their certifications in order to satisfy performance requirements and client needs.


Monthly Spend




Users per Month


Verticals Industries

Media Solutions

We can help you identyfy your specific objectives and determine
the best segments and sources of acquisition to get you the best possible results


Traffic Sources

Depending on your objective and needs we will evaluate with you the best traffic sources.
Our team is certified in Google Ads (Search, Display, Product) and Microsoft Ads.
We have a strong expertise in Facebook and Instagram ads, as well as on Native platforms